Chef Wendell Fowler leads free talk at Gifford

‘Dietary wayseer’ reveals what’s in the foods we love

Chef Wendell Fowler

Chef Wendell Fowler

RANDOLPH – The Western world is caught in a nutritional minefield where Tony the Tiger acts as a nutritionist and pink slime is an accepted food additive, says chef Wendell Fowler, a speaker, author and television personality.

A “dietary wayseer” or “living-food evangelist,” if you will, Chef Wendell – as he is known – educates Americans on what’s in their favorite foods that “might be sabotaging your birthright to health, joy and happiness.”

“Are you obese, diabetic, in GI distress or experiencing chronic pain? Rejoice! It’s not necessarily your fault,” says Chef Wendell, who brings his humorous message of a good diet for good health to Gifford Medical Center in Randolph on Dec. 6.

The free talk on nutritional literacy is titled “Eat it, Beat it and Prevent it: Food as Medicine,” runs from 6-8 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

The Western diet is the foundation of heart disease, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, gastric disorders, ADD and ADHD, aggressive social behavior and a host of inflammatory conditions, he says. “Mankind is innocently digging their own graves and blunting careers with what’s on their forks.”

He points to foods filled with chemicals, bacteria, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup as the reasons why. It’s something he knows from personal experience.

Once 300 pounds and facing death, Chef Wendell lost more than 100 pounds by dropping the Krispie Kremes, cheeseburgers and cocktails for a mostly vegan diet.

He now tries to educate others on what’s in popular foods, why they should be avoided and how to be a label reader.

“We need to eat food that was designed for us that our cells will understand,” he says, pointing to fresh, local, “living” foods as better choices than processed “machine cuisine.”

He delivers this message in an award-winning, syndicated food column; books and cookbooks; a bi-weekly television segment in his home state of Indiana; and in talks.

A regular visitor to Randolph where his brother, Milt Fowler, is a popular local physician, his Gifford talk will include a presentation, questions and answers, and a book signing for his fourth and latest book, “Earth Suit Maintenance Manual: Transcending the American Diet.” The book features 60 of his popular columns and 60 recipes using fresh foods.

To hear his free talk at Gifford, sign-up by calling (802) 728-7100, ext. 6. Space is limited to the first 80 registrants.

Gifford Medical Center is south of Randolph’s downtown on Route 12 (44 S. Main St.). The talk is in the Conference Center located on the first floor of the hospital and marked with a green awning from the patient parking lot. For handicap access, take the elevator from the main lobby to the first floor and follow signs to the Conference Center.

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