Gifford’s Medical Staff

The following is a complete list of current Gifford medical staff as taken from our 2011 Annual Report published a few months ago.

2011 Gifford medical staffAnesthesiology
Lee Balaklaw, MD
Anthony Fazzone, MD
Dennis Henzig, MD
Eric Kent, MD
Jon-Richard Knoff, MD
Nina Sharp, MD

Bruce Andrus, MD
Timothy Beaver, MD

Chiropractic Sports Medicine
Hank Glass, DC

Emergency Medicine
Steven Fisher, MD
Marc Keller, MD
Todd Morrell, MD
Saul Nurok, MD
Kevin Rodgers, MD
Scott Rodi, MD
Brian Sargent, DO
Wendell Smith, MD
Joshua White, MD
Lucy Wollaeger, MD

Susanne Trost, MD

Family Medicine
Kenneth Borie, DO
Terry Cantlin, DO
Marcus Coxon, MD
Jonna Goulding, MD
Robert Kiess, MD
Brian Sargent, DO
Mark Seymour, DO
Sheri Brown, FNP-BC
Maria Cabri, FNP, CNM
Tammy Gerdes, PA-C
Patrick Kearney, PA-C
Kim Ladue, FNP-BC
Megan O’Brien, FNP-BC
Starr Strong, PA-C

Eric Ganguly, MD

General Surgery
Edward Borrazzo, MD
Ovleto Ciccarelli, MD
Nikki Gewirz, PA-C
Maury Smith, MD
Laurie Spaulding, MD

Hospitalist Medicine
Mandeep Hundal, MD
Martin Johns, MD
Joshua Plavin, MD, MPH
Wendell Smith, MD
Sheri Brown, FNP-BC
Sue Burgos, PA-C
Joshua Gleiner, PA-C
Patrick Kearney, PA-C
Megan O’Brien, FNP-BC
Fred Staples, PA-C

Internal Medicine
James Currie, MD
Milton Fowler, MD
Mark Jewett, MD
Cristine Maloney, MD
Mary LaBrecque, ANP-BC

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
David Pattison, MD, MPH
Joshua Plavin, MD, MPH

Mental Health
Cory Gould, MA
Robert Vaillancourt, MA

Kipp Bovey, CNM
Donna Butler, CNM
Laureli Morrow, CNM
Kathryn Saunders, CNM
Meghan Sperry, CNM
Tanya Waters, CNM

Naturopathic Medicine
Christopher Hollis, ND
Erica Koch, ND

Robin Schwartz, MD

Brent Burgee, MD
Dina Levin, MD
Ellamarie Russo-DeMara, DO
Lawrence Slocki, MD

John Valentine, MD

Christopher Soares, MD

Bess Brackett, MD
Stephanie Landvater, MD

Pain Management
Lan Nguyen-Knoff, MD

Cathy Palmer, MD
Brian Travis, MD

Pediatric Cardiology
Niels Giddins, MD

Louis DiNicola, MD
William Gaidys, MD
Elizabeth Jewett, MD
Joseph Pelletier, MD
Pamela Udomprasert, MD

Plastic Surgery
Guy Rochman, MD

Podiatry and Sports Medicine
Nicolas Benoit, DPM
Kevin McNamara, DPM
Robert Rinaldi, DPM
Paul Smith, DPM

Pulmonary Medicine
Marda Donner, MD

John McIntyre, MD
Scott Smith, MD

Sports Medicine
Peter Loescher, MD

Michael Curtis, MD
John Daly, MD
Richard Graham, MD
Nancy Blessing, PA-C

Vascular Studies
Andrew Stanley, MD
Georg Steinthorsson, MD

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